February 7, 2010

Healthy Fast Food Choices

The drive-trough doesn't have to derail your diet! Dig into these guilt-free picks

Sonic's Grilled Chicken Salad
Calories 285 Fat 10g
Top this veggie-heavy entree with fat-free italian dressing."I love that the salad contains cabbage, which is great source of vitamin C, "says NYC nutritionist keri Glasman, author of The 02 Diet. "And the meal with chicken has 28 grams of filling rotein!"{

Domino's 12-Inch Veggie Pizza 
Calories 180 Fat 6g
"it's important to have pizza, because it makes you happy," Zoe Saldana tells Us. Glassman, founder of Nutritiouslife.com, recomends grabbing a slice of this pie ("Mushrooms help boost immunity") and pairing it with a big salad for a satisfying, well-balanced meal.

Subway's 6-Inch Veggie Delite Sandwich
Calories 230 Fat 2,5g
"Subway is the greatest invention ever," Kaley Cuoco tells Us of her short-on-time staple. Glassman gives a thumbs-up to this sub. "Even if you aren't vegetarian, it's good to have a few nonmeat meals per week to keep your cholesterol and saturated fat consumption low," she says. "And there's only 410 milligrams of sodium."

Mc Donald's Premium Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwich
Calories 370 Fat 4,5g
"The 32 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber will keep you feeling full," says Glassman, adding, "You also get some vegetables, thanks to the slices of tomato and lettuce." Just hold the mayo and opt for mustard insted!

Bugger King Hamburger
calories 260 Fat 11g
"If I want a burger, I'm going to have one," Martina McBride tells Us. Luckily this one is virtually guilt-free. Says Glassman, "The fat grams and calories are pretty low."

Au Bon Pain's Large Vegetarian Chili
Clories 300 Fat 3g
"I am pretty strict vegetariant, so that rules out alot of things,"Olivia Wilde tell US. She could spoon up this soup. "It contains about as much fiber [27 grams] as you need in a day," says Glassman. "And it's loaded with antioxidant-rich beans."

Taco Bell's Fresco Ranchero Chicken Soft Taco
Calories 170 Fat 4g
Good news for Mexican-food lovers Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston! Glassman applauds the 12 grams of satisfying protein, the salsa ("it's full of lycopene. which may prevent UV damage") and the onions ("They contain immunity-boosting compounds")

Dunkin' Donuts' Egg White Veggie Flatbread Sandwich
Calories 290 Fat 9g
Here's an option for Scarlett Johansson, who ate egg whites for her Iron Man role. Glassman says, "The protein and fiber will fuel you all A.M."
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February 6, 2010

Festival in Bali

Yoga in Bali
Bali, the little Hindu oasis of calm, resonates deeply with the serenity, sacredness, and natural artistic beauty that permeates everyday life on this extraordinary island. Bali is fertile ground to begin your practice, or to dive into deeper levels of your yoga practice. The balmy tropical atmosphere relaxes the body's joints and muscles and the slower pace of life is contagiously soothing to the nervous system, coaxing one to explore new possibilities and achieve a depth of practice difficult to experience otherwise.
Art and Culture
In Bali, art is a central part of religion and in some cases, healing. This trip includes many performances of Balinese music and dance. Some are private, some part of regular tourist performances, and some take place at temple festivals. All are of the highest quality. You will also visit some of the most important sites on the island, and view its natural, unspoiled beauty in comfortable air-conditioned mini buses.
Massage is regarded as an important healing art on the island of Bali. Because families usually have a member who practices this art, there are many professionals. Some specialists are even called upon in emergencies to set broken bones or dislocations. The skills of some massage professionals have been handed down from generation to generation, while others have received their skills directly from the Hindu deities. During the trip each participant will receive several traditional massages with opportunities to schedule other sessions.

Galungan and Kuningan
The Bali-Hindu calendar is on a 210-day lunar cycle, over-laid on a Gregorian calendar. As such, religious holidays never occur on the same day each year. Two of the most important holidays are Galungan and Kuningan, which celebrate the victory of Dharma (described simply as "good") over A-Dharma ("evil"). During these festivals families gather together to invite their ancestors to return to their family compounds. Villages hold elaborate processions, parading their sacred objects and masks through the perimeters of the village, and to the sea for purification ceremonies. We will be able to join some of these festivities, as well as attend an authentic trance ritual, which is held only on Kuningan day.
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February 3, 2010

Romantic Florida Vacation

Manasota Beach Club will bring out the romance in you with their authentic old-Florida style cottages nestled snugly between Lemon Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. This resort sits on 25 acres of peaceful and beautiful Manasota Key in Englewood, Florida. You can walk the nature trails, relax at the beach or pool, go for a sail, take a kayak out on the water, and play English croquet. Golfing is close by as well as boat rentals. Each of the 12 cottages is unique, from the Red Robin tucked away behind a sand dune to the Sanderling next to the clubhouse and boasting a private deck overlooking the bay. Manasota Beach Club is a top spot for Florida honeymoon vacations.
Water Color Inn is a highly recognized beach-themed inn resort in northwest Florida’s Santa Rosa Beach. The inn has 60 beach-front rooms overlooking the beautiful Santa Rosa Beach and Gulf of Mexico. The stunning tropical setting makes this a favorite for weddings as well as an excellent romantic vacation spot for couples. Water Color Inn also sits on the banks of Western Lake providing guests with instant access to canoeing, kayaking, sailing and fishing. Pamper yourselves on a romantic getaway by indulging in "the art of rejuvenation" at the InnSpa or the Fish Out of Water restaurant.

Water Color Inn is a highly recognized beach-themed inn resort in northwest Florida’s Santa Rosa Beach. The inn has 60 beach-front rooms overlooking the beautiful Santa Rosa Beach and Gulf of Mexico. The stunning tropical setting makes this a favorite for weddings as well as an excellent romantic vacation spot for couples. Water Color Inn also sits on the banks of Western Lake providing guests with instant access to canoeing, kayaking, sailing and fishing. Pamper yourselves on a romantic getaway by indulging in "the art of rejuvenation" at the InnSpa or the Fish Out of Water restaurant.

What could be more romantic than warm tropical Florida sunshine, 13 miles of pristine beach and coastline, fine dining and the comfort of a AAA Five Diamond hotel? That’s what you will find at the Ritz-Carlton Resort on Amelia Island. The historic district of Amelia Island is perfect for romantic strolls on cobblestone streets with museums, specialty shops and a variety of wonderful restaurants. The Ritz-Carlton features rooms with private balconies and ocean views, a 27,000 square-foot spa, fitness center, tennis courts and an 18-hole PGA Championship golf course. Amelia Island is a favorite vacation spot with lots to do like take a scenic river cruise on the local waterways, sunset sailing cruise on the 1840’s schooner Voyager, explore the Civil War-era fort at Fort Clinch State Park or hay rides and beach horseback riding at Kelly Seahorse Ranch.

For a rustic yet upscale romantic vacation spot, Oak Harbor Lodging and RV Park, in Haines City, Florida offers six one-bedroom cabins overlooking the 1,000 acre natural Lake Lowery. Relaxation, fishing and boating are the order of the day here in this Old Florida wetlands setting. Many visitors use Oak Harbor as a base for their central Florida vacation. Oak Harbor is base camp for Ron Bull Adventures which offers float plane fly-in fly fishing adventures, seaplane sightseeing, local eco-tours and photo safaris. This quiet, secluded spot is a great place to combine romance and outdoor vacation adventure.

Miami South Beach is a strip of hotels and cafes along the lower section of Miami Beach, Florida. The cityscape here is art-deco inspired with a strong Cuban influence. The atmosphere is romantic and exotic with over 150 clubs and bars where you can party all night long. There’s always something to do and people to watch as South Beach draws in tourists, supermodels, rock stars and rich & famous people from around the world. If you like Cuban cuisine, Spanish music, a beach full of scantily clad sun worshippers, and a true party atmosphere, than South Beach may be the romantic vacation spot for you.
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February 1, 2010

luxury vacation in bali

Bali Safari Bali’s traditional hinterland. The journey with the legendary 4-wheel-drive Land Rover Jeep, leads through dirt roads, along terraced rice fields through the hidden hinterland of Bali. Interesting walk through a traditional village, to visit a typical Balinese compound. Visit the elephant camp in Taro, where you can touch and hand feed these amazing creatures. For an additional elephant ride, book directly at the camp on Ubud village.
luxury vacation{
Ubud is arguably the best place to use as a base if you're visiting Bali; if you're looking for culture, comfort, nature and inspiration. Ubud is surrounded by most of the things that bring people to Bali -- scenic rice fields, small villages, art and craft communities, ancient temples, palaces, rivers, cheap accommodation and unique luxury hotels. And it's central location makes it easy to get from Ubud to the mountains, beaches, and major towns.
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The real Ubud is under the surface. There are plenty of interesting things on the main streets, but most of the magic of Ubud is hidden away. In the backstreets, backwaters, courtyards and cafes. In people's hearts, minds, and dreams. This part of the Bali web site was built to show you how to go behind the facade and find the real Ubud, and the real Bali, without having to spend all your time searching for it. There's no point in repeating what's in the guidebooks, so we've tried not to. If you're interested in Ubud, there are at least a dozen guidebooks on Bali available and they all provide information on Ubud.
luxury vacation
Batur Volcano this amazing hike as we explore and experience the awesome beauty of Bali’s most beautiful and active volcano, Mt. Batur, 1717 m high. Using bright torch lights , you follow a natural trail of extinct lava, up to the crater [no stairs]. The hike takes about 2 hrs. The reward of the effort is a breath-taking morning view, over looking of lake Batur, Mt. Agung 3142m., and during clear weather you may see Mt. Rinjani, Lombok island highest mountain. During brighter day light, you will trek along the crater rim, to watch the recent and most active crater of this volcano.
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Agung Volcano The Agung volcano dominates the island's eastern part with a towering height of 3,142 meters. The volcano is still active to this day. Since Bali is the most renowned area as a tourist attraction in Indonesia , naturally the Agung Volcano is probably the most-climbed volcano in the country. There are three hiking trails to reach the peak of the Agung volcano, but the most commonly used is the one going from the Besakih temple.
luxury vacation
The Besakih temple is the largest and holiest temple complex in Bali , and its composition is highly intricate. Route to the Agung Volcano is fairly straightforward, yet not without difficulties. While following the trail you can enjoy the historical sights of other holy temples such as the Puseh temple, Plawangan temple and the Telaga Mas temple. After passing the temple complex, the path becomes smaller, wilder and more dangerous. This is the forest path and you would have to keep your balance steady since the road is quite slippery. When the forest path ends at the height of around 2500 meters, you will come across a landscape ideal for camping. There are plenty of monkeys dwelling in this area but, unlike those in the Rinjani mountain, usually they will not be daring enough to come near the climbers and would only watch from a distance.
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If you are not an experienced climber, you would probably want to think twice before resuming your journey to reach the crater on top of the Agung volcano, because the route gets even more risky.
luxury vacation
There are also many rules to remember while climbing this volcano. For instance, it is very unadvised to bring along beef (meat from cow) on the journey, and take care to bring water while climbing through this trail since the water source in the trail is considered sacred. Since this area is considered to be very magical, many rites are performed here and it is not a good idea to climb the Agung volcano while there a big ritual is being held. Aside from the fact that your presence could be very disturbing for those performing the rituals and walking back and forth through the narrow paths, it is said that many climbers had gone missing or be a victim of an accident when they tried to climb the Agung volcano while a ritual is going on.
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From the Besakih pure/temple, it seems that the Agung volcano is cone-shaped, yet the upper part is actually a very deep and huge crater, which occasionally lets out smoke and steam, showing how the volcano is still active today. The highest point of the Agung volcano is the southwest part of this rim. Although it is usually covered in clouds, you can get an excellent view of the Rinjani volcano at the neighbouring island, Lombok , and sometimes if the weather is clear the other mountainous range could also be seen.
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